Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Sheila Jaworski via Google+22 hours ago

WOW Biz Markie :o
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Sheila Jaworski21 hours ago

+Zafar Iqbal

Zafar Iqbal21 hours ago


Christmas Tree via Google+3 weeks ago

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John Sandoval3 weeks ago

"...Oh baby youuuuu..."
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shadowzack3 months ago

i didnt know tracy morgan could rap
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Mike Young1 week ago

+Andrew Robinson yup so true tracy should do a cover of this!!! hahaha
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Jason Newman6 days ago

LOL I was just saying I think biz markie is Tracy Morgan. LOL
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Christophe Carpentier5 days ago

So, so out of tune. This hurts so much!
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finn carraher7 hours ago

he sang out of tune on purpose you know, comical effect or something
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corey Mcclain5 months ago

Hey u go +Ben Robinson Gill throw it back Ralph McDaniels style... 
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Ben Robinson5 months ago

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Kim Lau5 months ago

I seen him once at Garden State plaza over 15yrs ago, he's tall! 
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Maria Isabel Trejo2 months ago

Man loving this
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Jason Sage2 months ago

Old school with LOL.. hehe - I think it's good - but I'm older... frankly I like GOOD stuff - this one is good - to me good music is timeless - if it ages and becomes "not good" over time - it probably wasn't that great to begin with.
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Hannah Lampaert2 weeks ago

+Jason Sage
and that is why the music made after the year 2000 usually lasts a couple of months au contraire to these pearls!!!
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The Joker5 months ago

I wish more rap was like this. I myself listen to mostly Deathcore (wrongly called screamo), Horror punk, Punk, and classic rock. I love this song. Very good sound to it and the lyrics actually have a meaning to them. I wish rap in this day and age was more like this.. So tired of the "getting bitches drunk" bullshit.


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